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6-sweet-ways-to-spruce-up-your-relationship-in-2015Expert dating coach and author of the new book Men Love Confident Women, Adam LoDolce says that the New Year always marks a time for improvement, meaning that many people are motivated to make sure that this year will be different than the last.

LoDolce suggests to, "Use that motivation to get yourself back out there!"

If you're currently in a relationship and there were some challenges last year, LoDolce advises to simply sit down your partner and tell them, "I love and appreciate our time together, but this year I want to continue to grow closer. How do you think we can improve our relationship this year? Is there anything I can do?" This will start a strong productive conversation for both sides to work on. 

6 Sweet Tips for Giving Your Love Life a Makeover 

  1. Spice it up in the bedroom: It’s okay to talk about sex. Ask your partner what they want! It's as simple as that. 
  2. Try new adventurous dates together: Get out of the boring rut of dinner and movies and to make your relationship fun again. 
  3. Get a makeover: Feel sexy and confident and do something new to your hair or style. It will improve how you feel about yourself, which can improve your relationship. 
  4. Plan a romantic vacation: Take a trip somewhere new, romantic and warm to really rekindle that spark.
  5. Show gratitude towards your partner: Communicate to your partner why you love and appreciate them. 
  6. Find common goals: What goals do you have in common for the New Year? Whatever it is, like starting a workout routine at your local gym, do it together.

If you’re looking for love, LoDolce has some great starter tips.

"Get clear about what you really want this year," he says. Be specific about what type of man/woman you are looking for. What type of relationship do you want? Something serious or casual? 

You should also set some goals: How many nights will you go out per week? How many people will you meet when you go out? How many dates should you go on each month? Doing this will keep you focused and on point.

"If last year was a rough year for you on the dating front, perhaps it's time to start learning new methods that could work for you," says LoDolce. Mentors are always a critical part of success - even in dating, he suggests. 

To learn more about LoDolce and how to improve your love life, visit his site here.

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