6 Tips to Make Your Gel Mani Last Even Longer1Let’s make it last forever...and ever.

Well, unfortunately as much as we love to get pampered during a deluxe manicure, they don’t last forever: the pampering nor the manicure.

How many times have you thought you’re in the clear then spot a chip on your nail? It happens way too often. Gel nail manicures last longer than the usual manicure lasting for over two weeks but they too can chip and send you right back to the nail salon. Gel manis are soft, sleek, and smooth but can be costly if you run to the nail shop every time there’s a chip. Here are 6 tips to make your gel mani last even longer.

Mani Preservation

With women being narcissists with their nails, no wonder there are so many colors of nail polish. Women can go through two to four colors in just two weeks. Though gel manis have become a lifesaver, for the amount they cost it makes sense to know how to preserve your gel mani.

6 Ways to Make Your Gel Mani Last

  1. Choose lighter shades: Lighter shades show fewer chips. If no one can see it, you don’t have to rush to replace it.
  2. Seal the tips: Cap the tips with the base coat, polish and top coat. It seals in the nail edge to prevent chipping.
  3. Apply top coat: Apply top coat every other day.
  4. Re-polish with glitter: You can save your mani if it starts to chip by polishing your nail or just the tip with glitter.
  5. Get repairs quickly: If you break a nail, get it fixed immediately by a professional nail tech.
  6. Wear gloves: Wear gloves when washing dishes or doing any cleaning that requires heavy water use or constantly placing you hands in water. Be careful if you’re constantly on the computer typing.

Do you have any tips to maintain a gel mani that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them on Twitter @womensforum.

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