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fun weekend

Feeling a little sluggish after a fun weekend? Did you over-indulge in socializing with friends?  Did your quota for junk food intake hit the limit? If you've partied too much and ready to start the work week, you may need these to get back on track.

Here are 6 ways you can reset your metabolism and debloat after a weekend of food and fun.

1. Sip on lemon water.
Staying ultra-hydrated is key to flushing out any water your body is retaining. Lemon is packed with Vitamin C to boost your immune system and keep your digestion on track.

2. Fill up with loads of de-bloating foods.
Some natural diuretics are asparagus, dandelion root, cucumber, banana, pineapple and yogurts containing probiotics. Have 2-3 servings a day to get your digestive track back on track. 

3. Sweat it out.
Hit the gym, pavement or yoga mat for a quick sweat session. Sweating is your most important elimination process for toxins. High-intensity-interval-training is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism and work up a major sweat.

4. Go green.
Replace starchy carbs like bread, pasta and rice with fibrous green veggies to immediately drop water weight and purify the liver.

5. Eliminate dairy.
For many people, dairy is the culprit to excessive inflammation and bloating. Especially leading up to a special event, eliminate dairy products for 3-5 days prior.

6. Sleep.
One of the best way to reset your hormones, reduce stress and curb cravings is to get quality sleep. Make up for your lack of sleep from the weekend by hitting the sheets early Sunday night.

Most of all, remember that moderation can go a long way!

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