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6-year-old-boy-held-hostage-in-alabama-bunker-videoA 6-year-old boy is being held hostage in an Alabama bunker after being grabbed from a school bus. 

According to sources, a man named Jimmy Lee Dykes stepped onto a school bus at 8:30a.m. and demanded for a two between the ages of six and eight. When the bus driver refused, Dykes reportedly shot and killed him after he tried to fight back and protect the children. Dykes then ordered the rest of the children off of the school bus and they were able to make it away safely.

However, one boy was not as fortunate. The suspect took a 6-year-old boy into his man-made bunker.


According to authorities, the suspect’s name is Jimmy Lee Dykes. He was supposed to appear in court today, January 30, 2013 to face other charges, which involved his neighbors and a dispute over a speed bump.  

Authorities say the boy in the bunker is 6-years-old and they are not sure about his condition in the bunker at this time. It is rumored that the boy has autism and is prescribed medication. According to authorities, the police are conversing with Dykes through PVC pipe that runs underground to the bunker. 

21 students were able to make it off the bus safely, the Midland City Dale County School System said.

What We Know

  • The suspected shooter and kidnapper has been reported as a 65-year-old man.
  • According to some sources, the suspected shooter and kidnapper served in the Vietnam War
  • One person has been killed, the bus driver, Charles Albert Poland Jr., age 66.

Rumors About the Shooter

  • Neighbors of Jimmy Lee Dykes said he has been building the bunker for some time now.
  • Some neighbors said they saw Dykes digging with a shovel at 2a.m.
  • Other reports say that Dykes was known around the neighborhood as a troubled man. Some say he carried a shotgun and flashlight while patrolling his yard at night.
  • Dykes also reportedly used a lead pipe to beat a dog to death.
  • NBC News reported the bunk is “roughly 4 feet wide, 6 feet long and 8 feet deep covered by several feet of sand.”
  • Some reports are also saying there is enough food in he bunker to last a couple of months.

Please stay tuned for more updates on this story.

[UPDATE 2/1/13 9a.m. CST] Boy enters fourth day in bunker.

[UPDATE 1/31/13 3p.m. CST] Boy is 5-years-old, not six, as previously thought. Boy enters third day as hostage.

[UPDATE 1/30/13 4:03p.m. CST ] Authorities were able to get a coloring book and crayons down to the boy today, on January 30, 2013. They were also able to deliver his medicine through a PVC pipe, although, it has not yet been reported what the medicine is for or if it was urgent. Police are currently using the PVC pipe to communicate and negociate with Dykes.

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