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Home Entertainment Culture & Arts $636 Million - Did You Win the Mega Millions?!

$636 Million - Did You Win the Mega Millions?!

636 MillionDid You Win the Mega MillionsSo...are you the big winner?!

The winning numbers for the massive Mega Millions jackpot were announced late Tuesday night and they are...

8, 14, 17, 20 and 39, with a Megaball of 7.

If you're in San Jose, California, check your ticket-- because according to a California lottery official, the big winner was sold in the Golden State. No one has come forward as of now, but when the winner does reveal themselves, they will be the lucky recipient of the highest-ever lottery payout--that is, if no other winners come forward.

The previous record occurred in March 2012, when three people split a jackpot of $656 million. 

iStock 000017972064XSmallSo, if you were the big winner, what would you buy with your jackpot? Here's a list of a few things you could purchase with that pot of gold...

  • 2,700 2014 Ferrari sports cars (good luck finding a garage that big!) 
  • 23,500 Hermes Birkin bags (take about closet envy!)
  • 159,000,000 Starbucks specialty drinks
  • 21,200,000 gel manicures 

So, Womensforum readers...what would you buy with your winnings? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!

Molly Fedick
Molly Fedick

Hey guys! My name is Molly and I'm the style editor at WomensForum...pretty fun job if you live on Pinterest and hope to see sale racks in heaven.

A bit about me--I've been in journalism since graduating from Boston University and Northwestern, having spent time at CosmoGirl, TimeOut NY and NBC. I freelance a number of places including the Huffington Post and began a dating column for RedEye, the number one commuter paper in Chicago. My blog, mylifeasmolly.wordpress.com, is a saucier version of the column--so please visit!

In terms of my style, I tend to stick to a "uniform:" black skinny pants, leather jacket, oversized blouse, aviators and boots in any form. Oh, and I'm a heel-a-holic--first person who finds me out at night in a pair of flats wins a prize!

If I haven't yet followed you on Twitter, that's surprising-- I tweet in my sleep! Give me a follow @mollyfedick or on Instagram @mfedick and tell me what you'd like to see!