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171590165-1Some days the push of the crowds and the nose dives to the sale racks seem a little on the overwhelming side. We're here to help you avoid crazy shopping days with these savvy shopping apps that will help you gauge sale prices and compare the dollar amount across your local retailers.

1. RedLaser

RedlaserSmart shopping is made easy with RedLaser's QR code reader and bar code scanner that finds the best deals from thousands of local and online retailers. Even more impressive is their loyalty card feature in which you're able to back up your loyalty card onto your RedLaser account. This allows you to leave your house card free, just don't forget the kids! (Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

2. Shopsavvy

shopsavvyWhy waste your time constantly checking your favorite retailers and local stores for upcoming back to school sales and coupons when you can have an app for that? Shopsavvy alerts the family of new prices and sales items and will even send you new coupons when they are available. (Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone)


3. ScanLife

scanlifeScanLife allows you to compare prices from a variety of retailers, and depending on proximity, even allows you to purchase directly from your phone. This is great for busy-body families that need a simple and stress-free shopping experience or even for big families that don't have time to shop in-stores. The app is perfect for comparing prices as well as reviews, letting you see what others have to say about that product you've been on the fence about. (Available on iOS, Android)

4. ShopAdvisor

shopadvisorShopAdvisor takes price comparing to a whole new level by not just finding the best deals but also tracking the product through its market high's and low's, notifying the family when the product reaches your desired price. This is especially great for monitoring that one backpack that your kid just "can't live without." (Available on iOS, Android)


5. Cash4books

cash4booksCash4books is a one-of-a-kind find for college students or any readers in your family ready to break free and find their books a new owner. Students are able to shed some weight off of their desks and find the best buy back prices for their used textbooks, receiving fast cash in return! (Available on iOS, Android)


6. Amazon Shopping

amazonappThe Amazon app allows families to scan or even post a picture of in-store products to compare prices and check for availability! Fun feature: if your family has an Apple watch user, you can now create a shopping cart on your watch, check for products with voice command, and purchase with just 1-click all with the Amazon app! Got to love technology... (Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone)


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