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  • Yoga Basics

    Yoga Basics

    If you're inspired to try something new, yoga can be a wonderful fitness regimen. Here are six basic poses to tone your total body. 

  • Triangle Pose

    Triangle Pose

    This pose stretches the thighs and helps open the chest. 

  • Chatarunga Pose

    Chatarunga Pose

    This pose strengthen the chest, the backs of the arms and core. 

  • Upward Dog Pose

    Upward Dog Pose

    This pose helps open the hips and release. 

  • Down Dog Pose

    Down Dog Pose

    This is a great stretch for the back of the thighs and chest.

  • Tree Pose

    Tree Pose

    This pose builds balance and strengthens the lower body.


  • Revolving Chair Pose

    Revolving Chair Pose

    This pose builds strength in the lower back and thighs. 

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