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As the summer rolls on, you're probably bored of your standard hair routines; plus when the temps and the humidity are high, it’s nice to pull hair away from the face. Stuck for style inspiration? Then try out one of these seven oh-so easy hairstyles - one for every day of the week! 

Braided and Waves


For something soft and romantic that’s suitable for daytime or evening occasions, a wavy hairstyle with a simple side braid is the perfect option. After curling your hair with a two-inch curling iron to create soft waves, take a section of hair about two to three inches thick from the front of your face and braid. Pin the braid around the back of your head with bobby pins to finish.

Braided Bun


Want your hair away from your face? Then try a braid and bun which looks like you’ve made an effort but is quick to achieve. Braid a two-inch section of hair from either side of your hair part and pin at the back of your head. Pull the remaining hair into a bun at the nape of your neck. Manipulate the bun with your fingers to create a textured and messy finish.

Side-Swept Fishtail BraidFishtail

Fishtail braids have been spotted on celebrities countless times over the past year and the good news is, the look is easy to recreate! Rather than a traditional 3-section braid, fishtail braids are done with 2 sections. Pull your hair over to one side and then split into two equal-sized sections. Take a small piece of hair from one section and cross it over to the other side. Next take a small piece of hair from the other section and cross it over to the opposite side. Keep repeating this criss-crossing of hair to create your fishtail braid before securing with a clear hair elastic.

Messy Topknot


A messy topknot is the ultimate lazy-girl hairstyle and perfect for when you just want your hair out of the way. Pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Backcomb the ponytail to create texture and body then twist into a bun, securing with bobby pins. Use your fingers or the end of a fine tooth comb to tease out random sections of the bun to create a messy effect.

Inverted Ponytail


For a sweet and simple springtime look an inverted ponytail is a timeless option. Pull your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Using your fingers, gently create a small gap in the hair just above the base of the ponytail. Pull the ponytail through the gap to create an inverted ponytail.

Loose Waves


Sometimes, changing up the texture of your hair is enough to refresh tired strands. Embrace some flirty waves this summer and use a large barrel curling iron to create soft waves. Take two small sections from around the front and loosely pin back to complete the look.

Pulled Back Fishtail Braids


Refresh your half-up, half-down ‘do this summer by creating two fishtail braids around the front of your face. Pull back the two fishtails and pin at the back of your head for a classically romantic look.


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