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Looking for a new cleanse to try? Read about my experience on a weeklong acai berry cleanse.

I’ve been trying to shed some unwanted pounds recently, but figured that first I should shed some of the unwanted toxins in my body leftover from all my recent trips to the drive-thru. As I've read a ton of positive information on the benefits of acai berries and acai berry cleanses, I thought... why not give this a try?

Vitamin stores and even supermarkets sell these cleanses. Some come in a liquid form or pill form.  I decided to try the pill form (sometimes those juices taste pretty bad). All I can say about my experience is, wow! In just a week I felt better, looked better and even lost some weight. 

What is the Acai Berry Cleanse?

Following the cleanse directions, I took two pills in the morning before breakfast and two before bed, for seven days. If you plan to do this cleanse, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, with the pills because you can get pretty dehydrated. Make sure you eat right and exercise for optimal results.

Now, what I’ve learned from this cleanse is that it’s pretty much a light laxative. Acai berries are a super food though. They aid in heart health, skin health, may help fight cancer, have anti-aging effects, and can increase you more energy. For me? I mostly noticed frequent trips to the bathroom and more energy. So like I said previously, it’s pretty much a laxative but it works!

My Results

  • Due to my frequent trips to the bathroom, I certainly noticed my belly go down in size in just the seven days I did the cleanse.
  • I lost a little over five pounds in just seven days. Usually normal weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. I wouldn’t use this cleanse as a weight loss solution. Think of it as a way to kick-start your weight loss program, not a program to be on for months.
  • I felt lighter and could tell I definitely flushed out some of the toxins in my body.
  • I had a ton more energy so I was able to exercise longer and more often.
  • I felt less bloated and was able to fit into some tighter clothing that I’ve been putting off wearing.

I would certainly recommend an acai berry cleanse to anyone looking to kick-start their weight loss because you’ll instantly look and feel trimmer. I wouldn’t advise anyone doing this cleanse for more than 14 days.

It’s a handy little pill regime that you could use once in awhile to shed some fast weight or flush out any toxins. Just be prepared to rush to the bathroom more often!

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