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Don’t toss those leftover fruits and veggies; use them in these ingenious ways! Sometimes you may only need half a lemon or half an avocado and then the other half just sits in the fridge and eventually rots away. Instead of wasting your money and your food, try one of these seven options and utilize your leftovers!

Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner: Soak orange and lemon peels in vinegar and squeeze in the rest of the juices for a grease-busting cleaner that you can use in your kitchen or bathroom. 

Beauty: Use leftover avocados for homemade facials. If you have leftover citrus, squeeze into your favorite lotion for a zesty finish! You can also use potato peels to relieve tired eyes. 

Planters: Scoop out the leftover halves of melons, lemons, and oranges and replace with seeds and dirt and grow your own herbs or small plants in these new planters! Arrange 3-4 on a decorative plate for a pretty presentation. 

Candles: If you have some empty orange rinds, make your own homemade soy candles after you scoop out the excess orange. Or fill a mason jar with some herbs and leftover fruits, water and top it off with a floating candles for a gorgeous conversation starter in your home. 

Frozen Smoothies: Got some leftover spinach, bananas, fruit and other green veggies? Add the contents to a plastic bag and freeze. It’ll preserve the fruits and veggies and when you want a fruit and veggie smoothie, pour the frozen contents into a blender, add some cold water and yogurt and blend away. 

Garnishment: For your upcoming meals, use the leftover fruits, peels and veggies as garnishment. Leftover citrus is perfect for chicken dishes or fish. You could also garnish glasses of water using peels. 

Leftover Pulp For Cooking: Use your leftover veggie pulp to add a special twist to your cooking such as grilled burgers. If you have some tasty fruit pulp, use it as a topping for pancakes or waffles. 

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