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7-gym-bag-essentials-videoThink your water bottle and deodorant is enough? You might want to think again.

You’ve got your deodorant on, shoes tied and water bottle in hand, so you’re ready to go head to the gym, right? Not without some gym bag essentials that many oftentimes forget. Select items can be vital to an effective and enjoyable workout.

We’ve got some tips on what to pack in your gym bag to make the job a little easier. Here are some items you shouldn’t forget.

7 Gym Bag Essentials

1. The Perfect Gym Bag

This may be obvious, but there’s a large market out there for gym bags and it’s important to pick out the right one. The best gym bag is sturdy, so that you don’t have to run out every few months to purchase a new one. There are plenty of fashionable bags that can cater to your own tastes as well. A good thing to remember is: The money you put in equals the quality you get out. 

2. Supplemental Products

Supplements aren’t for everyone, but are beneficial for a lot of people. It’s one of the best things to put in your gym bag. If it’s for you, there are plenty of products on the market, in both pill and drink form, that can help in muscle recovery and revving up your metabolism. However, do some research to see what’s right for you. You should take supplements that target your own needs.

3. Bandages

When it comes to what to carry in your gym bag, many gym users will tell you bandages are among the most important and the most forgotten items. Carry them in case of blisters or any other injury, and in case someone else needs them.

4. Changes of Shoes

Luckily, many women’s gym bags have large enough compartments to fit some shoes. You should bring two different types to the gym: Your workout shoes and some flip-flips. Your workout shoes are obvious and you probably wear them to the gym, but be sure to pick up a pair of cheap flip-flops to wear to the showers. Foot bacteria is not fun to deal with. 

5. Heart Rate Monitor

This could be one of the most underrated gym bag essentials for women and men. The machines may claim to be monitoring your heart rate, but your own monitor will do so much more effectively and tell you if you need to amp it up or slow it down.

6. Change of Clothes

You should be thinking of comfort and convenience when you’re wondering what to pack in your gym bag, so a change of clothes are essential. You should bring a dry shirt to change into, as few things feel better than changing out of a sweaty shirt after a good workout. Also, depending on the weather, if you wear shorts to the gym, pack a pair of sweatpants to wear outside to avoid cold legs.

7. Healthy Snack

It’s good to have protein after you work out. There are plenty of pre and post-workout bars and nutritional bars that are made for gym bags. Even if you don't think you'll be hungry, pack something anyway.

Hopefully these seven tips for packing a gym bag help you travel to and from the gym. It's always good to be over-prepared than not! 

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