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Having plants in the home can liven up the atmosphere while making it a healthier environment to live in. They work like natural air filters, increasing the air quality of your home while beautifying the room they're in. Here's a look at which plants are best at keeping the air clean. 


ChrysanthemumsAlso known as the Florists Mum, this plant can add a little color to your room while ridding it of trace amounts of ammonia. Besides air purification, it's been used in ancient Chinese medicine to ease itchy throats and allergies.


Spider Plants

SpiderPlant Whether hanging in a basket or resting on a desk, this resilient plant requires little attention. It's long, green leaves and tiny white flowers work to remove benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide. All residues found in plastics and rubber.


Boston Fern

bostonfernBy specifically absorbing formaldehyde, the Boston Fern eliminates trace toxins within 24 hours. This can help ease itchy eyes and coughing as formaldehyde can be found in upholstery, adhesives and carpet.


Areca Palm

Areca PalmWith its thin, feathery leaves this indoor house plant removes the toxin xylene; a chemical commonly found in art supplies, paint and pesticides. Xylene can contribute to difficulties in breathing and at high levels, unconsciousness.




Golden Pothos

goldenpothosWith spade-shaped leaves and sturdy vines, this plant is almost indestructible as it requires little water and small amounts of light. It also works to create more air while eliminating carbon monoxide.



Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobium OrchidThis plant detoxifies the home with elegance and ease. Try placing it on your bedside table to gain benefits of air purification and serenity.



 When considering plants for your home, make sure to find out which ones are toxic to keep kids and pets safe. In addition to that, find out the appropriate amount of sunlight and water needed to ensue maximum growth, so you have your plants for a long time! Last but not least, consider the types of plants we've listed to add an extra healthy boost in your home.

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