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  • 7 Lunches of Art

    7 Lunches of Art

    Moms - you know this all to well - the morning routine of quickly throwing lunches together while trying to get your kids ready for school. When trying to juggle all of this in the early hours of the morning, who has the time to put together a well thought out and visually appealing lunch?

    Well, some moms around the globe have discovered the answer and made this chore into a true art! Click through to see these delicious and creative meals for kids.

  • Anna The Red

    Anna The Red

    This blogger creates video game and anime-themed lunches that look almost too delicious to eat. 

    Photo Credit: annathered.com 

  • Bento, Monsters

    Bento, Monsters

    What child wouldn't love a Harry Potter-themed lunch? This Japanese mom blogger finds inspiration in children's literature and animation for her beautiful creations. 

    Photo Credit: bentomonsters.com

  • Bent On Better Lunches

    Bent On Better Lunches

    This mommy blogger makes fun and inspiring lunches for her five children, and all in a balanced diet. 

    Photo Credit: bentonbetterlunches.com

  • Happy Little Bento

    Happy Little Bento

    This mom creates eye catching lunches in an adorable Japanese style that any young child would love to eat. Don't those banana sandwiches look delicious?!

    Photo Credit: happylittlebento.blogspot.com

  • Lunch Box Awesome

    Lunch Box Awesome

    This mom blogger creates lunches with a speciality in realistic sandwich art. She even has a "how-to" video series to help readers create their own edible arts.

    Photo Credit: lunchboxawesome.com

  • This Lunch Rox

    This Lunch Rox

    This blogger intertwines personal stories and history into her sons lunches. She even has an Alamo-themed lunch after a visit to the Alamo!

    Photo Credit: thislunchrox.com 

  • Wendolonia


    From Batman cookie cutters to adorable themed sticks, this blogger creates achievable lunches that always have a special touch. 

    Photo Credit: wendolonia.com/blog

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