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Screen Shot 2018 06 11 at 5.00.30 PM CroppedTaking a road trip is a recipe for a blast... or a disaster! You set out on the open road to your destination, or wherever the road takes you if you’re the “free spirit” type, hoping for an epic time. But, if you don't plan the essentials, your road trip could be a bust. The following items cannot only help you have a fun road trip, but also make it one you’ll never forget. 

1. A Playlist Full of the Best Tunes

Of course a playlist full of your favorite music is one of many necessities for an unforgettable road trip. It actually makes or breaks the trip. And, if it helps the the trip be that much better, every time you hear a particular song played, you’ll remember the amazing time you had. Streaming radio apps like Pandora and Spotify can do the trick, too.

2. Instagram

Millions of people document their life via Instagram. It just makes sense to capture the best (and maybe even worst) moments on the social site with pictures and videos. It’s free, it’s fun and comes in handy during the times you can’t pull out a camera. 

3. A Fabulous Pair of Shades

A good pair of sunglasses is pretty much synonymous for every road trip. Even if the sun isn’t out, they can spruce up your outfit in a split second. Plus, is it just me or do sunglasses just put you in a better mood all around? 

4. Snacks

Is this a no-brainer or what? For all the foodies out there, a road trip is the perfect excuse to eat your favorite snacks. Make it a project and try out new recipes! 

5. Water

Okay, this one might not be considered “fun,” but it’s definitely a must-have. This is especially true since you’re bringing snacks along. No matter how long your road trip is, water is vital to keep your body hydrated and refreshed. Especially if there is an emergency situation.

6. Toothbrush and Gum

Most people don’t think about this one, but, when you’re riding in the car for hours on end, a person’s breath can get a little... tart. So stock up on the gum and bring a toothbrush to keep it minty and fresh. 

7. A Wide Brim Hat

If you’re going somewhere warm, you can't forget this one! Just like sunglasses, this can step up your road trip wardrobe in a second. And oh yeah, it protects your face from the sun.

Whether you’re traveling with family, your buddies from college, or that special someone, trekking across the country or driving just a few hours, bring along these few items for a fun trip... not disastrous one.

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