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Pizza is pretty much a staple in every home, but a lot of take-out options leave something to be desired. Here are a few of our favorite homemade pizza recipes that combine unusual ingredients and flavors for the ultimate pizza pie!

Broccoli Bacon Masherbaconmasher-700x466

The blogger who made this pizza described it as "a loaded baked potato and a pizza had a baby." Enough said! Here's the recipe.

Hawaiian Upside Down Deep Dish Pizza

This deep dish pizza recipe is a great option for a weeknight because the ingredients can be prepared in advance. The cubed ham and pineapple bits give it a delicious Hawaiian twist. Check out the recipe.

Homemade Flatbread with Pesto, Chicken, Feta, Tomatoes and BasilFlatbread-Pesto-Chicken1

This recipe calls for fresh homemade bread, which you can easily make in a bread machine. It tastes amazing and you know exactly what you are putting into your body. See the full recipe here.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Who doesn't love BBQ chicken pizza? This recipe is a delicious way to use chicken leftovers! Even better, you probably have all the ingredients on hand so you don't need to make an extra trip to the store. Here's how to make the recipe.

Easy English Muffin PizzasIMG 2469-1024x682

These English muffin pizzas are delicious and so easy to make! Put whatever you want on top and dig in - think bagel bites but healthier/homemade. Check out the recipe here.

Chicken Feta Pizza With Spinach Mozzarella Cheese

This delicious pizza combines chicken breast and spinach under a hearty sprinkling of feta and mozzarella cheese. Get the recipe here.

Margherita Pizza With Salami


The drizzle of balsamic reduction and crust flavored with the garlic-butter blend add extra flavor to this Margherita pizza with salami. Add fresh basil on top for an extra taste-booster. Get the recipe here.

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