7 Rules to Wearing Lipliner1If you're going to wear it, you have to follow the rules.

Lipliner can be tricky. When applying lipliner, there are a few rules to follow. For instance, black should never be worn unless the lipstick you’re wearing is black... and sometimes, that’s not even necessary. Nude lipliners can be used in lieu of a pink when wearing bright pink on the lips. To learn more about these more, take a look at the 7 rules to wearing lipliner.

Battle of the Blush Cream vs. Powder1Lipliner RULES

Lipliner is not something that absolutely has to be worn, but when you want a lined lip that will prevent color from spilling and smearing into your upper lip and chin, a liner is your best friend. We have a few tips to help you use lipliner properly and help you seal that color in, girl.

  1. WHERE TO DRAW THE LINE. It may seem silly, but some women don’t know where to apply lipliner. Just as it sounds, it should be applied on the outline of your lips. Some people’s can be seen and for others it may seem like an imaginary line. It’s OK. Look in the mirror and wherever your lips START to poke out is the lip line. If you touch your lips, you should feel a sort of swell there, that is your lip line.
  2. X MARKS THE SPOT. A simple rule to know where to draw your line and to do it right, is to make an ‘X at in the center of the top lip under the cupid's bow. Start the line at the highest point of your lip and extend the line diagonally to the bottom of the lip, stopping where your lips meet. Repeat on the other side of your lips. Now, line the rest of your lip, top and bottom. You’ve got a perfect line.
  3. COLOR IT IN. If you want to deepen a color or set a color on the lip for long wearing, line your lip then color in your lip with the liner of the same color or family. You can put lipstick or gloss on top.
  4. WHEN IN DOUBT, APPLY NUDE. In the beauty world, nude is closest to pink. In the beauty world, nude is closest to all colors. Because nude is neutral and there’s a nude for every woman no matter what shade she is; it works will all lipsticks and lip gloss hues. Whenever you’re wearing a bright colored lip or a pale pink that can easily smear or look rough edged when applied without a lip brush, a nude color lipliner can make a line you can follow easily. Contrary to belief, depending on your skin tone, nude is actually a better color to wear as a lipliner with soft pinks. It creates so smooth the pink with look like a second skin. Seamless. Find your nude and keep it forever!
  5. MATCH ON MATCH. For red, black, nude, and super, super pigmented lipsticks, you want to match your lipliner to the exact color of the lipstick. Doing so will make your lip color look perfectly applied without any fading effect or odd discoloration from your upper lip to your lip.
  6. BRIGHT PINKS, ORANGES, PURPLES = DARKER LINER. Not always, but sometimes when you wear a bright lip color and lipliner the undertones of the lipstick can make your lips look as if they’re 3D and floating... especially in photos. To prevent this, choose a lipliner that is a shade or two darker than your lipstick. Because lipliner is a faint line, you won’t recognize the darker color and it will seal the color in. Make sure that if your lipliner is obviously noticeable, to blend the color into the center of the lip. This can also give you a great ombre effect.
  7. CONCEALER IS A HEALER. Did you know concealer can be used as a lipliner? Tars are one of those beauty products where it kind of doesn’t matter if you use a lipliner with it. It’s sooooo pigmented and is a heavy stain that it’ll take over the lipliner and go where it wants if you use just a squeeze too much. When a lip tar or even a super matte lipstick that won’t budge messes up your lined lips, grab your concealer. You should be using a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation. If you have a concealer that is the same shade as your foundation, that’s fine too. All you do is apply your lipstick then use a concealer brush to apply concealer just on the outside of your lips (right before the lip line). Blend it out: up from your top lip, to the side from where your lips crease, and down from your bottom lip. Blend well with your foundation so your lips are not highlighted.
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