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  • Banana Nut Pound Cake

    Banana Nut Pound Cake

    Have a cake craving, but maybe not for the sugary frosting? This pound cake, paired with some walnuts and bananas, can satisfy that cake craving. It’s also great smothered in maple syrup. Not a nut fan? Maybe try a marble pound cake with chocolate chips.

  • Donut Holes

    Donut Holes

    Donuts are just too big for a snack, so why not buy a few donut holes! The best part, they are perfect for dunking in your coffee! Plus they give you a bit of a sugar boost whenever needed.

  • Womensforum Food Channel

    Womensforum Food Channel

    Check out new recipes from Womensforum Food channel.
  • Raspberry Muffins

    Raspberry Muffins

    Any muffin can be made perfect when topped with fresh fruit and a bit of powdered sugar! Or you could pair blueberries, cranberries or raspberries with some lemon inside your muffin mixture, delicious every time.

  • Croissants


    If you’re not feeling all that sugar, a simple butter croissant will suffice for a snack too! You could even add some sandwich fixings to the croissant and make a mini sandwich for lunch.

  • Pull-Apart Monkey Bread

    Pull-Apart Monkey Bread

    Any cinnamon fans out there?  This bread is super easy to make! Just cut up biscuits in small pieces, cover them in brown sugar, put them in a deep bread pan and cover with melted butter. Bake in the oven, and serve warm in the morning with that coffee. The kids will love it!

  • Granola Bars

    Granola Bars

    If you’re looking for some good protein to get you through your day, try a granola bar! The coffee will accent the granola well, and you will feel more energized after eating it.

  • Snicker Doodles

    Snicker Doodles


    If you enjoy a decaf cup of coffee after dinner, pair with some snicker doodle cookies! Easy to make, and they will satisfy that sugar craving you may have had all day.


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