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Gossiping-at-workGossiping at work can lead to drama and an awkward atmosphere.

There’s always one. You know, that one person who has all the dirt on everyone at the company. If there’s any work drama, that person has the scoop and every detail you wouldn’t even think to ask. Well, don’t be that person. Better yet, here’s how to avoid that person and avoid gossiping at work altogether.

7 Tips to Keep You From Gossiping at Work

  1. Be aware who gossips in your office.
  2. If people start gossiping around you, walk away.
  3. If you can’t help but be around it, like if it starts before a meeting in the room, don’t chime in.
  4. Leave your comments, eyes, and facial expressions to yourself.
  5. Don’t spread what you heard them say in the meeting.
  6. If someone asks you about what was said at that meeting, respond that you don't remember.
  7. If you're not gossiping, you're probably getting more work done than those who are, which might result in a great raise.

Of course, all of these tips to keep you from gossiping at work are not easy to follow, but one sure way to keep your name out of the conversation is to stay away from work drama. Nothing good comes from gossiping, especially at work.

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