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Running or power walking on a treadmill can be incredibly effective in assisting your weight loss journey or just improving your overall health. But sometimes you may feel like only your legs are getting the most from your workout. Or maybe you don’t plan your workout ahead of time and get super bored halfway through?

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your treadmill workout!

1. Plan Ahead

If you get on that machine without a plan, you may get bored and cut your workout short. Plot out some sort of speed or incline intervals or even a combo of those so you stay interested during the workout. 

2. Don't Hold on to the Rails

You probably see a lot of people holding onto the rails during walks or inclines but you’re doing your body a disservice. It’s not good for your back and it’s not helping you get stronger.

3. Stay Back from the Display Console

Give yourself some room and stay back from the display console. If you run too close, it causes you to shorten your stride and run with an unnatural posture, meaning you aren’t getting the most effective run in. 

4. Stretch First

And not just your legs! Stretch your arms and shoulders too. They are used to help you balance during runs so they’ll need some attention before and after. 

5. Keep your Arms Parallel

Avoid swinging your arms across your body and keep them parallel to your legs. This will help create a stable running form and even work your core better. Win, win! 

6. Relax Your Face and Hands

Running can be exhausting and tough but try not to show it in your face and release tension in your hands. This will reduce tension in your body. And... remember to breathe!

7. Leave the Smartphone Out of It

Don’t explore Instagram during your workout or text your boyfriend. Studies show those who use their smartphone during workouts are less productive. It’s also dangerous if you aren’t paying attention. 

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