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70-of-your-body-70-of-your-workoutMy last workout kick was admittedly about three years ago.

During that time I learned something really important about how to make the workout harder and easier. The way to make the workout harder is to not have any water to drink in the hour before your workout.

The way to make the workout substantially easier is to be hydrated. For me, even getting eight ounces of water in the half hour before my #33minutes makes a huge difference between feeling like I’m going to collapse or feeling like I can finish strong.

I know that it can be hard to get your water in. My daughter is an elite athlete (I know, don’t laugh as I struggle through my #33minutes). She had a really hard time getting her water in too and she needs a lot more water than I do. She started using the Waterlogged app that showed her how much water she was drinking. It has helped her to almost double her water intake.


For me, the main thing is that I have some throughout the day and that I get a hit right before I workout. So if your workouts are feeling really hard and it feels like they shouldn’t given your fitness level and the level of your workout, check out your water intake.

If our bodies are 70% water, it makes sense that when we replenish 70% of ourselves, we’ll be able to work harder and feel stronger.

How do you like to track your water intake everyday?

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