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Fuel-Efficient Road Trips

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fuel-efficient-road-tripsWe've got tips for saving money on gas during your vacation. You and the family are hitting the road this summer and can't wait to get going. You can't wait to see the sites courtesy of the family vehicle. Good for you for saving on airline tickets and spending some quality time with your kids tucked into your car.

Even better than all that togetherness is doing it the most economical way possible, and when you save gas and money on your vacation, that’s more left over for fabulous dinners, fun hotels, activities, and souvenirs.

Sure, there are tons of budget ideas for a summer road trip like accommodation deals, packages, coupons and more, but these depend on finding out what other people are offering. One of the best and easiest ways to save is all up to you. You wouldn’t even think that the most basic ideas like driving speed and car maintenance can help you save gas and money on your vacation. But, it can.

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Car More Fuel Efficient... And Save You Money!

  1. Get regular maintenance: Taking your car in for regularly scheduled appointments keeps it in the best shape possible. And when your car is running at its best (with clean oil, gears that are lubed up, etc.) it takes less effort to run.
  2. Take care of tires: Keeping tires properly inflated and aligned makes a car run more efficiently as well. Check your owner’s manual for proper tire pressure and have tires aligned (and rotated if necessary) before your trip.
  3. Keep a clean air filter: Changing the air filter regularly is important, so it is not clogged or dirty. A clean one can up your gas mileage by almost 10 percent.
  4. Monitor your speed: As tempting as it is to hit the gas, especially on an open road, staying below 60 MPH will decrease your gas expenditure. The difference between 55 and 65 can also up your mileage by up to 10 percent. A bonus? You don’t want to have to factor the cost of a speeding ticket into your budget!
  5. Tighten your gas cap: Doing this as well as filling up early morning or late night when possible, (not during the heat of the day,) is all good to avoid gas evaporation. 

Aside from saving money, it’s also good to be prepared safety-wise on road trips. To that end, make sure to have a first aid kit packed as well as a roadside kit complete with flares and spare tire.

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