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Celebrity Makeup Looks Deconstructed

Joan Smalls Joan Smalls
Eyeliner Pencil

1. Eyeliner Pencil

 Matte Foundation

2. Matte Foundation

Blush Stick

3. Blush Stick

Color Rich Lip Balm

4. Color Rich Lip Balm

What Lines Beneath

Makeup is finally embracing the under eye. While at first one may be scared to embrace the look, we've been told to cover up those dark circles for years, supermodel Joan Smalls' look is a prime example on how to get it right. By making the eyeliner sharp, not round, the style is modern and chic. Lighten up everywhere else with a feminine soft pink lip and blush that is close in color to one's own. In order to have the eyes as the focal point, a full-covering foundation is super important.