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8-dumb-things-we-do-with-smartphones-headerThink that a smartphone is making you smarter? Think again.

The advancements in smartphone technology might not be making us as smart as we think. In fact there are plenty of silly things we do with smartphones just to entertain ourselves. While there is a limitless amount of information out there, why do we choose to be glued to things like downloadable smartphone games and the best apps?

8 Ways We Depend On Our Phone

  1. Rather than making connections in our career field through things like Linked-in and Google Hang Outs, we might stalk ex-boyfriends and hope they make contact with us through Snapchat or a post on Tumblr.
  2. Rather than learning how to play a song or study a new instrument, we download ringtones and try to impress friends.
  3. In the age of instant communication you don't laugh at comical situation, you send a text that reads “Lol” to the person standing next to you.
  4. In an attempt to get organized, you update your calendar and walk down the sidewalk while simultaneously bumping into people, poles, and bicyclists.
  5. Friday night at the club is not filled with drinks, dancing, and hotties. It's become sequence of swiping left on the smartphone app called Tinder.
  6. Smartphones are created with high-tech cameras and apps that install artistic filters, but the most creative picture you've taken is a selfie that reads “#newhaircut.”
  7. When texting and posting to Facebook, your phone prompts you with words and phrases that could be applied to your post. But you don't really need them because of all the new emojis you just downloaded :)
  8. There's an endless well of graphics and images available that can enhance your artistic eye, but you're just looking for memes that make fun of Justin Bieber.



While more smartphone advancements are likely to come, will human intelligence be sacrificed as a result of it? It's possible. But maybe they'll make an app that can help us keep track of all the silly thing we do with smartphones so we can realize the consequences.


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