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Are these friends and family making you fat and you don’t even realize it? Losing that extra weight isn’t easy, especially if you tell people who may not be as on board as you are.

The people you surround yourself with may be the ones that are wrecking your progress. Stay on track by not only being aware of when someone may be affecting your diet but rise above it and stay on your diet.

You probably have a mother who loves to feed you or a coworker who is always bringing baked goods. It’s okay in moderation but stick to your guns!

Your insecure spouse: They may be so insecure that they don’t want you to shed the extra pounds in fear of you leaving them. They may order a dish that you shouldn't be eating, if you want to stay on track. Confront them on how you feel.

Your mother: Moms like to feed us. So do our grandmothers. They think we will always be too skinny and want to feed us everything in their kitchen. Fight the urge of going into a food coma when they offer you a plate of fresh baked cookies from the oven.

Your foodie friend: It’s hard to go out with friends who want you to split that amazing dessert or tell you to have fun and get a burger instead of a salad. Just be honest and let them know you are really committed to this diet.

Sports nuts: They love their nachos and wings during game time. Either enjoy a smaller portion or bring your own snacks to munch on.

The single friend: Your friend may want to barhop but all those cocktail’s calories really add up! Suggest other ways to meet dates other than bars.

The baking coworker: There’s always that one co-worker who loves to bring their passion of baking to the office. Don’t indulge too much or too often and just tell them you appreciate the treats but you can’t indulge as much as you’d like.

The overweight friend: Who you surround yourself with can really affect your diet. Suggest new ways to enjoy each other’s company. Invite them over for a home-cooked meal that’s healthy and tasty.

The diet know-it-all: Don’t let others affect your diet plans. Your friend may have many great ideas but just be honest that you’re losing the weight in a way that works for you.

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