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Vacations take months of planning and preparation, so you'll want to make sure you take some quality pictures! Snapping the perfect photo lets you capture those memories forever, while photos that are blurry or bland can take away from the magic of the trip. Here are some easy to follow tips that will make your pictures shine. 

Think candid

You’ll definitely want a few posed photos of the family for grandma but the best photos are candid. So, while your kids are running around in front of a scenic view, take a snapshot. 

Don’t think nice weather is your only chance

 It may seem that because it’s raining, your chance for a great photo is shot. Quite the opposite actually. Those overcast conditions provide great light, especially when taking pictures of water. Plus, rainy weather may cause wildlife to come out from hiding.

Shoot early in the morning 


You’ll have plenty of time to sleep when you get back home. Get up early (or if you’re wild, stay up all night) and get some awesome shots when the sunrises. It will give your subjects the best light. 


Use a foldable, portable tripod. This will improve all photographs you take.

Think about different angles

 Don’t just stick to eye level; get on top of something and take an aerial shot or lay on the ground. You’d be surprised by how many amazing and unique shots you can get.

Play around with different lenses


 Use a wide aperture lens to blur out backgrounds, a wide-angle lens for taking pictures of landscapes or if you’re on vacation in a city, use a tilt-shift lens for building and architecture photography. 

Go off the beaten track

The classic and most popular locations are great to take photos of, but go off the beaten track and take some snapshots of where everyday people live, their homes, what they’re doing outside, etc. 

Take photos at night

Cities and towns come to life at night! Take the time to learn how to take a shot with the right lighting at night, it’ll be worth it. 


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