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You probably already have most of the ingredients for these delicious variations on standard popcorn in your kitchen. When using homemade popcorn seasonings, it's best to spice things up with new and organic flavors. Try seasoning your popcorn with sweet and salty flavors as well as something spicy. You never know until you try and learning new flavors for popcorn is half the fun.

Peanut Butter 

Munch on the best of both worlds by purchasing peanut butter chips and melting it alongside your popcorn. For an extra does of sweetness, add your favorite peanut butter candy.

Southwestern Spice 

It's sweet, it's salty and it's from the southwest. To make this flavor, squeeze up some lime juice and cilantro and toss it onto your popcorn. Mix well and add sea salt to get margarita flavor. For those who are over the age of 21, try spritzing your popcorn with tequila.

Cinnamon Sugar 

For those with a sweet tooth, this popcorn flavor is sure to please! To make, simply toss the popcorn with a mix of cinnamon and sugar. Try coating the popcorn with coconut oil to make the mixture stick.


Coconut Caramel 

Add popcorn to a gooey mixture of melted caramel and coconut. If you're serving this up at a party, roll the mixture into balls or cut into squares after placing the coated popcorn onto a baking sheet.

Parmesan Garlic 

This Italian-inspired flavor is best made best when roasted for a few minutes in the oven or toaster. To spice things up, add a hint of parmesan and a dash of garlic. Add other Italian flavors like basil or oregano those tickle your taste buds.

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Zebra Corn

This delightful treat tastes nothing like a zebra, but it is delicious. By melting white and dark chocolate onto your popcorn you can enjoy.

Birthday Cake 

Celebrate this popcorn flavor with someone you love by mixing cake frosting and sprinkles with your popcorn. Depending on the sprinkles, this popcorn be used alongside any celebration. The only thing you are missing is balloons.

Apple Crisp 

Enjoy the flavors of fall with apple crisp popcorn. The only things you need are baked apple chips, cinnamon and brown sugar. Add your popcorn and ingredients to a mixing bowl and enjoy.

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