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8-ways-to-spice-up-your-spring-home-decorThis season is a great time to give your home a fresh look!

What better way to jumpstart this season than giving your home a makeover? After you finish spring cleaning your home, make it bloom with a few home decorating ideas.

Spring Decorations for the Home

  1. Embrace the Flower Power: Put flowers in rooms around your home for a fresh ambience. Fresh bloomed tulips, roses and daffodils are especially beautiful for elegant home decor.
  2. Paint an accent wall: No need to splash an entire room with color to give it a springtime feel. Choose the wall you want to grab the most attention and paint it a soft spring color like orange, teal or green. 
  3. Bring in the great outdoors: Accent your home with a natural feel. Dark green floral prints in your living room and a key lime tree or two for your kitchen, a brain cactus for your bathroom along with other houseplants will keep your home in sync with mother nature this spring.
  4. Decorate with wall decals: This is a fun and simple way to add some pizzazz and brightness to your home. Trees and flower wall decals are a popular trend this season. For a unique look, mark your territory in a room with a personalized name wall decal.
  5. Pretty-up your living room: Bright throw pillows and cushions, a bright accent rug and a light-colored ottoman are simple decorations for the living room that will give it a makeover with a bold and unique statement. 
  6. Embrace this season’s color schemes: Put a little emerald green, midnight blue, plum and pretty pastels around your home to not only stay up on the latest trends, but add a womanly touch every home needs.
  7. Get loud and brassy! Brass is a big hit this season for home decorations. Who would’ve thought this hot 70s trend would make a comeback? Give your home a touch of brass with items like a clock, flower pot or my personal favorite, a lamp stand. 

No one knows your home and your personal style like you do. Choose a few things that you like and turn your house into a home you love to come home to!

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