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8 Ways to Wrap a Gift

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After spending time finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, there's still one more exciting step: gift wrapping! Go the extra mile and try out a creative way to wrap your gifts instead of relying on the store-bought paper that doesn't reflect how special your gift is. Here are 8 different tips, tricks, and styles of wrapping to try out for the holiday season!

Jars & Canisters

The great thing about gifting in a jar is that the jar becomes an extra item that can come in handy for the recipient. With how popular, affordable, and versatile mason jars have been as of late, they are the perfect container for thoughtful gifts. Have a baking fiend on your list? Layer dry ingredients to a new recipe inside of a jar and decorate with a cute ribbon and handwritten recipe tag. Give out gardening kits, terrariums, homemade jams, sodas, or even a new pet goldfish for a lucky child! 

Ribbon Weaving

Now, no one says you ever have to ditch the classic gift wrap entirely. Instead, use new techniques to make your present stand out in the sea of smooth red and green paper. Once your gift is all wrapped up, instead of topping it with a generic bow, use long pieces of ribbon to create a "basketweave" pattern. Just by adding a few strands and a little bit of patience, the effort and detail really pays off. Try mixing different thicknesses and textures of ribbon to make the pattern pop.


Parcel and Twine

A trend that is perfect for all occasions is to use simple parcel or brown paper. It gives off the feel of receiving a package in the mail, and with a few adorable additions, you will have a sleek and chic gift. Using a thick twine to wrap around in any way you prefer brings back a retro look to gift-wrapping. For a bolder, or even more nautical feel, try using rope (like jute) to tie on instead of the twine. 

Earthy Additions

If you want to work with solid color wrapping (like the brown parcel paper), adding on natural decorations is a simple and beautiful trick. Tie on miniature pinecones and acorns. Tuck small holly twigs, pine twigs, and poinsettia petals into fastened ribbons. Any way you can incorporate the beauty of nature during the holiday season is a terrific way to go!


Wine Bottle Sweater

Wine can be a wonderfully thoughtful gift, but a nightmare to try and wrap. Try making a wine sweater! Have an old sweater with a crocheted or knitted design down the arms? Instead of throwing it out, cut the sleeves from it and sew an end shut for the wine bottle to set in. Cinch the top with ribbon, a festive bell, or an ornament!

Fabric Wrapping

It can be frustrating when a corner of a gift comes peeking through the wrapping after some traveling or even from being shuffled around in the holiday madness. Avoid this mishap by using fabric to wrap your gifts. Shop around your fabric store for deals or re-purposed garments, drapes, or any other home fabrics for a sturdy (and reusable) gift wrap. Fabric is also terrific for gifts that are not in the shape of a box.



Recycle your daily paper for convenient wrapping material. The printed word gives a neat-looking pattern and can easily be paired with any color ribbon, bow, or decorations due to its faded black and white color scheme. For an even more vintage look, use old maps to wrap your gifts!

Burlap Gift Bags

Simplicity can be a beautiful thing. Using a natural-looking material like burlap can give off an effortless yet sophisticated look to your present. Small burlap gift bags are the way to go for any tiny trinket or even jewelry. These bags are quite accessible, and if you look hard enough, you might be able to find some with designs on them. If you cannot find what you like, but you still want something more personalized, pick up unique stamp to make a design or monogram the bags yourself!
By using these simple techniques, you should have a lovely presentation in just a few moments. Do remember to never worry about spending too much time on wrapping because the unwrapping is just around the corner. If you are a bit attached to the masterpiece you created in the gift-wrapping world, just take a photo to remember it by and pass the joy along. Happy wrapping!

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