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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

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thanksgiving-decorating-ideasCreative place cards are an easy and festive way to set your table.

It’s a good feeling when things are familiar and we don’t have to figure out too much or re-create how it’s done. We are talking about Thanksgiving dinner, of course. Although you can add new dishes or recipes to the equation, the standards and favorites make perfect sense, especially when you might have picky little eaters at your table. But, if you do like to shake things up a bit, you don’t have to touch the menu, just the table setting where you’ll be presenting it. Creative place cards are an easy and festive way to set your table.

Decorating projects don’t need a master crafter to look best. In fact, many of the best ideas can be a group effort with your kids. Coming up with ideas and producing them is not only a fun activity as the weather gets colder outside, but is also a fabulous way to get everyone in the holiday mood. Not to mention, letting your kids show off their accomplishments when friends and family come through the door.

And sometimes, the tiniest ideas can make the biggest impact—that’s why we like creative place cards. They don’t have to make such an immense statement. In fact, it’s sometimes their subtly that is so charming. And the best part is that everyone gets to enjoy their own (not to mention, you can solve any otherwise emotional seating choices by putting everyone where they’d be best).

decorated-thanksgiving-place-card3 Fabulous Place Card Ideas for Thanksgiving

Start by either hand-labeling or using a personal computer to spell out names. Use light card-stock that’s around 5-inches wide by 2-inches high (does not need to be exact, but all pieces should be same size) and fancy or whimsical fonts, or something in between. After you complete all names, set aside. These name tags can be used in each of the four place card types.

1. Pine Cones

Go outside with the kids or send them on a gathering mission on their own. Collect enough pine cones for each guest who will be seated at the table. Have everyone wear disposable gloves if they don’t want to get sap on their hands. Pine cones should be dry (not any wet soggy ones). Once collected, you need to treat the pine cones to remove the sap—either soak them in sudsy water for 20 minutes and rinse and let dry, or bake at 200 degrees on a foil-lined baking sheet for 20 minutes (keeping an eye on progress). At table, lay pinecone on one side and perch name tag in between spikes of pinecone to secure.

2. Mini Pumpkins

Use these cute veggies or fanciful gourds to hold name tags. Using a utility knife or other sharp knife, cut a slit about 1/8-inch deep along diameter of stem top. Slip bottom of the nametag into the slit so that tag stands up on its own.

3. Leaves and Napkins

Gather colorful leaves from outside and wash them gently. Tuck a couple of leaf stems into a napkin that’s folded with a pocket in front. (How to make the pocket: take a square napkin and fold in half from bottom to top. Take the bottom corners that you just folded up and fold back down to meet new bottom corners created from first fold. Then take left side of napkin and fold behind, with the ends stopping at center. Next fold the right side of napkin behind the rest, with the ends stopping at center and meeting the left edge.) Leave a small bit of them stems sticking out of the napkin pocket and lay the nametag over the stems and below the leaves.

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