Each and every one of us has been there, a bad hair style that makes us want to crawl under a rock and die or at least cover our head with a paper bag. But it’s not just the regular people that have experienced bad hairstyles, it’s the celebrities too. From booty-shaking Beyoncé to high-profile rapper Wiz Khalifa, bad hairstyles are running rampant.

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One: When Beyoncé showed up at Paris’s Gare du Nord train station wearing a blonde wig and chopped bangs, some of us were quite confused. Yes, the singer usually looks fabulous with Avant grade fashions and accessories to match, but her punk-inspired bangs left us wondering.


Two: Jennifer Lawrence is a Hunger Games goddess, but her bleach blonde pixie cut is not approved of by her fans. In March, the star traded in her medium length locks for a shorter bob. She then cut and bleached her semi-short hair into a style much shorter.


Three: Lady Gaga is an artist. Lady Gaga is an entrepreneur. Lady Gaga is a fashionista… but her partially shaved head doesn’t really resemble it. This year, many celebrities enjoyed the trend of shaving part of their hair. Gaga did the same thing and even added a triangle to the back of her cranium. The triangle was eventually tattooed and the hair eventually grew out… thank goodness.


Four: The tattooed and toned rapper 50 Cent, or Curtis Jackson, has changed dramatically over the past year. The self-proclaimed “gangsta” who used to look pretty fierce with corn rolls decided to use curl deactivator on his gangster-like locks. Jackson says that the new hairstyle was for his role in the 2011 film titled “All Things Fall Apart”.


Five: Before Kim met Kanye, the singer preferred her traditional long, brown locks. But as soon as this couple made it official her hair changed! Why? Because Kanye likes it blonde according to madamenior.com.


Six: “We dem boys” rapper Wiz Khalifa has always been known for his brown locks. But when his wife, Amber Rose filed for divorce in 2014, he decided to spice things up with purple dread locks. We feel your pain, Wiz.


Seven: When Katie Homes married Scientologist and actor Tom Cruise, her whole life changed, including her hair. Before the marriage, Homes dawned long, brown, wavy locks. But during their marriage, the star wore a more conservative style that aged her before her time. Following the divorce, her hair long locks returned.


Eight: The former Hanna Montana Disney Channel star ditched her conservative fashion and hairstyle sense to reclaim the image of Miley Cyrus with a redefined wardrobe, constant twerking and a bleach blonde fauxhawk with shaved sides and highlights.



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Nine: When singer and actress Ariana Grande visited Japan in Feb. 2014, her hair style was reminiscent of princess laya. Since returning from Japan, her hair style has lost the Star Wars look and has returned to her original long locks.


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