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  • Skip fad diets and eat simply. Fruits, veggies and lean proteins should be the base of your nutrition plan.

  • Stay hydrated! Muscles are made up of 72 percent water. The Institute of Medicine recommends men that drink 120 ounces and women 90 ounces of fluid per day.

  • Chew the fat with good fats like nuts, avocados and olive oils.

  • Make breakfast fast. It doesn't take that long to make eggs. Either quick fry them over easy or pop them in a mug in a microwave for 90 seconds.

  • Skip the junk food! Don't buy it or bring it into the office.

  • Make lunch the night before. Try a simple sandwich with healthy lean proteins or a mason jar for salads on the go.

  • Pinterest has great ideas for simple healthy meals but can also help curb your appetite. Research shows that looking at food can result in less consumption.

  • Eat on a schedule. Listen to your body for hunger cues and don't skip meals.

  • Sleep at least 7 hours each night to help keep your hormones in balance and working with your body to burn fat and curb appetite.

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