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If you have a crazy obsession with binge-watching your favorite TV shows and movies, you need some hacks to make your addiction easier. These awesome Netflix hacks bring new meaning to the word couch potato, but we don’t care, we love our movie and TV marathons! Try these nine hacks that will make the world of Netflix-watching even better. 

1. Watch your shows or movies earlier in the day. By watching your favorite programs earlier in the day, you’ll get better picture quality. Typical peak hours for watching are what can cause lack of quality or no HD. 

2. Keep track of what’s expiring with “My List.” You can’t spend your days keeping track of what’s coming and going. So instead use “My List” by adding the expiring movies and shows and underneath each title will be the expiration date. 

3. Use subtitles. Netflix allows you to customize subtitles and captions for a better viewing experience. It’s under the "Subtitle Appearance" section and you can change the size of the text, style and even color! 

4. Get into God Mode. Use the “God Mode” so you can eliminate horizontal scrolling while looking for something to watch. 

5. Use other resources to find something to watch. Head to WhatIsOnNetflix.com to see what's new. Or have the site pick out a random title for you. You can also use the popular Rotten Tomatoes to browse movies and shows on Netflix, HBO Go and other streaming sites. 

6. Find something specific to you. Instead of just browsing through everything, search each genre using the genre’s identification numbers. WhatsOnNetflix.com has a list of all these numbers.  

7. Clear your history. Sick of people being able to see your viewing history? Feel like watching a kid’s movie without getting ridiculed by friends? Unlike before, you can now delete it! Head to the “Viewing Activity" section and click the “X” by the titles you want to get rid of. 

8. Netflix roulette. Spend half of your evening searching for something to watch? Use Netflix Roulette by inputting an actor, genre and other factors to find something you’ll actually want to watch. 

9. Use your phone as a controller. Batteries on your gaming controller dead? If you have PlayStation 3, set up your phone or tablet to control Netflix just like a gaming controller. 


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