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Mom Exercise Program

Everyday Mommy Exercises

Mommy Time for an Energy Fix

The baby is in the bassinette. Good job, girl!  You are now but not for long, on maternity leave and trying to shed those extra pounds. It isn't easy getting back into the swing of exercising after a hiatus of several months. Allowing other people to do some of the chores and get your mom exercise.  Stop the excuse mill and get on the treadmill. You can increase your stamina, energy and outlook quickly as you follow some simple everyday mommy exercises.


Exercise Effect Heart

Exercise Effect on Heart

Heart Specific Exericses

We all think that it will be a good outcome. Exercise can always help, right? Well, usually. However, there are those instances where too much exercise, or the wrong kind, can be harmful. But, it is better to exercise than not. Exercise effect heart healthy exercise that is, can lead to a new you.The problem that most of us have is determining what types of exercise will be the most beneficial. Is it cardio exercise for your heart, mind and soul that you need? Working out at all effects all three, but there is a specific exercise effect on heart health.


How to Breast Self Exam


Do a Consistant Breast Self Exam Every Month

Performing monthly breast self-exams should be part of every woman's ritual.  Monthly exams ensure that any changes will be noticeable; the yearly doctor exam isn't enough because the doctor is not going to remember how your breast felt a year ago. Knowing how to breast self-exam the right way is crucial—otherwise the exam is worthless.



Gyne Ecology:  Women in Charge of Their Reproductive HealthState of the Art of Reproductive Health

Gyn-Ecology was a term coined by Mary Daly, a feminist writer of the 70's and 80's. Daly was interested in the history and the evolution of women's involvement in their own health issues and care.  She drew attention to the medical industry's involvement in "medicalization" of women's reproductive functions.  An example she held up to scrutiny was the medical industry's efficient campaign to question credibility of midwives and others that assited women in giving birth "at home".  Within only a few decades hospital births were the norm.  The act of controlling girls' and womens' reproductive health became a simple matter at a time when few women were in medical school or working as gynecologists, pharmacists or physicians.  Thankfully the status quo has changed; but women today are still far from having achieved a complete awareness, control and/or involvement in our own care, especially when it comes to reproductive health.  And it is sad to note that our infant mortality rates are higher than many third world countries who have never used hospitals as birthing centers.  Perhaps today the term GYN-ECOLOGY should stand for an ecological minded movement of women taking charge of their own reproductive health and illness care.


Healthy Breasts


Maintaining Healthy Breasts is a Lifelong Responsibility

Few women are lucky enough to be certain that they can go through life without worrying about breast cancer and keeping healthy breasts.  For the rest of us, we can be thankful that new research comes out every year that gives us more ways to be proactive about our breast health.  As we personalize these new methods and turn them into part of our routine, they become our own proactive healthy breasts habits.