• Cooler temperatures don't mean that you have to hide in your winter coat and sweats till spring. There is still a way to look way hot while its cool for a night out or just around town. We have rounded up the must-have chic pieces and accessories to spice up your wardrobe while keeping you warm this winter season. 

    fashionista's guide to winter fashion
  • Blanket Scarf

    Blanket Scarf

    Photo credit: Southern Curls and Pearls

    Generous oversized scarves are storming the fashion world as the temperature starts to drop. These scarves are the ideal accessory to be paired with a pair of leather booties and your favorite knit sweater!

  • Sweater Dress

    Sweater Dress

    Photo credit: fashiontofigure.com

    Look hot while it's chilly out! The sweater dress is unbelievably flattering, trendy, cozy and an all-around win-win for a night out with the girls. 

  • Over-The-Knee Boots

    Over-The-Knee Boots

    Source: Just The Design

    These boots are forever trendy and spice up any outfit to feel more seasonal and even sexy. The best part about it, with the style of these boots, you can ditch those annoying tights and still wear your favorite dress this winter. 

  • Quilted Vest

    Quilted Vest

    Photo credit: Nordstrom

    From jackets to vests, quilted is appearing on everything... and how could you not be obsessed? Vivify your plain old long-sleeve top to create a look that will make you the talk of the town.

  • Knit Beanie

    Knit Beanie

    Source: Pinterest

    Stay chic and functional this winter season. The beanie is one headwear piece that is easy to wear and perfect for on-the-go or even to cover up tousled hair. 

  • Fingerless Gloves

    Fingerless Gloves

    Source: dhgate.com 

    Gloves don't have to be only for keeping your hands warm. These fingerless gloves are practical for those chilly winter nights while still adding a highlight to any ensemble. 

  • Chunky Turtleneck Sweater

    Chunky Turtleneck Sweater

    Photo credit: shein.com

    Whether it's loose or tight fitting, this turtleneck sweater is a necessity for your wardrobe this season. Paired with black jeans and boots, this piece has you more than ready for around town or even a night out.

  • Corduroy Skirt

    Corduroy Skirt

    Photo credit: Brandy Melville

    Corduroy is one material that is very underrated. This stylish skirt is adorable paired with any plain top or jacket, and can be worn by women of all ages throughout the fall and winter's crisp temperatures. 

  • Fur Parka

    Fur Parka

    Photo credit: Barneys

    Winter coats don't just have to suit the one solid purpose of keeping you warm. The classic fur parka is a fashion statement on its own that's here to stay. 

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