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Although I consider myself an independent, educated woman, I will admit that I hate watching a movie by myself. For me, it’s something that gives me nerves and stomach pains just thinking about it. But then I did the impossible and I watched a movie by myself...in public.

Ok, I know, for so many of you out there this is not a big deal. However, I’ve always been the type who's felt it’s so much more enjoyable to share the fun!

16910-theater-pic-2So when I was assigned to watch a movie by myself, I panicked. I wasn’t concerned with what people would think of me per se, rather it’s the feeling of being alone and forced to enjoy something fun by myself. Watching a movie alone seemed so hard for me because there’s no way to busy myself and ignore the fact that I’m by myself. I can’t look on my phone or bring a book. I’m on my own.

When the day arrived, I decided on a movie that I knew my boyfriend didn’t want to watch so I wouldn’t need to watch it again. I settled on the perfect time and place, an evening film that wasn't too busy but still filled with people, because I felt like I would be cheating if it was an AM showing.

I walked up to the ticket booth and ordered one ticket. The attendant was casual, but I felt a pang inside of my stomach. I almost told him that I was doing this for an assignment, that this isn’t my real life. But I didn’t because that would probably make things even weirder. 

16910-theater-pic-3After I got seated, my phone died. There were no distractions now! Mortified and annoyed, I just sat for the remaining 20 minutes staring at the couples walking in, laughing and enjoying their partners. I didn’t really notice the other loners there, being too busy thinking about myself.

However, once the movie started, I really didn’t care about being alone. And after it was over, I was so glad to have done it, feeling a little accomplished at the end of my day. Would I do it again? Maybe, but with a charged phone!


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