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no-drinking-wine-while-pregnantOne of the hardest parts of being pregnant is the long list of things you can't eat or drink. While alcohol has been on that list for a while, many authorities have said that an occasional glass of wine or beer was okay. 

In a new clinical report, the American Academy of Pediatrics has squashed all the debates over whether or not it's safe for expecting moms to enjoy a glass of wine or two during their pregnancy with a definite no

  • Compared with consuming no alcohol, drinking during the first trimester increased the odds of birth defects by 12 times.
  • Drinking during the first and second trimester increased the odds of birth defects by 61 times.
  • Drinking during all three trimesters increased the odds of birth defects by 65 times.

The researchers found that no amount of alcohol is safe to drink during pregnancy, all forms of alcohol including wine, beer, and liquor pose an equal risk, and there is no safe trimester to drink alcohol. Compared to not drinking at all, they found the odds of having a child with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are between 12 - 65 times greater depending on during what trimester the expectant mother drinks.  

According to lead researcher Dr. Janet F. Williams, "The research suggests that the smartest choice for women who are pregnant is to just abstain from alcohol completely."

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