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a-meal-the-whole-family-will-enjoy-headerHave some family fun while enjoying KFC chicken.

KFC has a new Family Game Night meal that’ll bring everyone together to enjoy tasty food and make long lasting memories. To ensure the whole family has a great time, pick up a KFC meal with 12 Extra Crispy Tenders and four dipping sauces, two large homestyle sides, four biscuits and a free game of I Spy printed right on the bucket with riddle cards and bonus posters. The family will love playing together, who knew sitting at the dinner table could be so much fun?

Is your tummy grumbling yet? If it is, make KFC a part of your weekly family routine ASAP! After all, isn’t spending time together as a family what life is all about?

So Moms, if you want a happy, well-fed and connected family, make a stop on the way home from work. You’ll save time and money, give your family a great meal, and everyone will have a chance to relax and have some fun with the ones they love the most. So celebrate your next family game night with KFC!

This post is sponsored by KFC

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