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a-moms-advice-parenting101-push-dont-shove-headerWhen you get your driver’s license you take a drivers test. When you become a stock broker, you take your Series 7 Exam.

When you become a lawyer you pass the Bar Exam. What happens when you become a parent? Exactly.The most important job in anyone’s life and there are no guides, no instructions, and no classes.

We have books that talk about what to expect when you are expecting.

They address how to handle a baby’s physical and emotional needs during the first year of a baby’s life. As babies grow into toddlers, we can find books on those years. However, we don’t have anything that really addresses the tween and teen years, the critical years that require parents to have manners, patience, and a strong emotional I.Q. We may find books teaching parents how to make their kids behave, but we don’t much to teach parents how to behave.

“It is often the parents behavior that causes the problems” Siah Fried, a professor at Las Positas University shared, “not the kids.”

Siah got the idea to launch a series of classes for parents at Las Positas College in Livermore California after the release of her last book Tales From Swankville where she depicted the life of an overbearing mother. She wrote real-life stories about what happens to the kids when their parents become obsessed with their success.

After writing the book, mothers in her hometown who had suspected that she wrote about them, painted on her garage door in red - "This is the witch she wrote about. Honk if you've seen the book."

Siah shared that the same women took shifts driving by her house honking continuously. It has been two years and her children still shutter at the sound of a honking horn. After surviving the social shunning, she took it one step further and created a course for parents.

The class is titled "Encouraging Push vs. Demanding Shove: Helping Families Balance" and the description reads: 


"Helping families balance academic, social and athletic pressures. Discussion addresses challenging issues facing families today, offers solutions for coping with the stress, and teaches ways to a better more balanced life for the whole family. After attending this class, parents, relatives and care providers will be able to: recognize the realities of rigorous academics; identify emotional responses to stress; understand the physical signs of stress; review the characteristics of being a positive role model in the family; define what success means inside the family; determine a balanced plan for their own family to achieve that definition of success"


While children are in utero, this class should be mandatory. Perhaps then we will have less depression, less prescription drug abuse, and a kinder more productive life for our teens as they go through their formative years. Honk if you agree.

Stay tuned for Siah’s next book, Push Don’t Shove: The Parenting 101 Guide, which encapsulates her classes into a manual that every parent should own

For more with Wendy visit her at www.lifewithwendy.com




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