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There’s a new way to make your eyebrows on fleek - by adding color! Just like we’ve been doing with our hair, fashionistas are dyeing their eyebrows in bright rainbow hues. Now there’s a new way to color in your eyebrows.


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Fashionistas all over the internet have been coloring in their eyebrows in eye-catching colors to either compliment their mermaid-hued hair or to contrast against their more natural coloring. Naturally, there’s a large variety of hues to choose from. Some ladies have embraced darker, galaxy-like tones with deep purples and greens while others are leaning towards brighter, perkier coloring like pinks and blues.


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In order to get the proper look, either visit a qualified beautician or purchase a kit. The Rainbow Brow kit from Winky Lux offers a wax and eyebrow-safe paint that lets you apply the colors yourself. However, for those wanting to try their eyeshadow as a coloring tool, all it takes is some super pigmented shadows and a steady hand.

Now that we’re coloring our hair and now eyebrows, what’s next? How about glittery hair parts?! Check it out here.


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