As a grown up, there are certain tasks you feel you already know how to do. Simple things like brushing your teeth, combing your hair and tucking in your shirt are considered basic must-haves in the adult arsenal. Well, you may have to reevaluate your adult status because you’ve been tucking in your shirt wrong. Yes ladies and gentlemen, according to this video by Business Insider, there’s a science to mastering the right shirt tuck. 

How To Tuck In Your Shirt

Before you start grabbing the ends of your shirt, here’s the right way to get a cleaner and crisper appearance just by making a few adjustments.

Just like with any outfit, a wrinkle-free silhouette is all about a solid foundation. If wearing an undershirt, tuck it first into your underwear for less bulk. Next, tuck your shirt in your pants.

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If the shirt continues to bunch, try pulling your pants on after you put on the shirt. The result is a clear line, which according to the video is the "gig line."


The Rules For When To Tuck



For a more flattering and refined look from the loose, boxy cut of a polo, feel free to tuck.



Always tuck. No longer is the loose, boyfriend look en vogue.



Optional. For those working in more corporate offices who want a cleaner look, tuck the top into your shirts and pants. Be wary of soft silks as they tend to wrinkle and pull after a long day.



Let them hang free, unless you’re going for an ultra preppy style.

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