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The new Da Vinci Body Board busts myths on how (and how long) we can workout.

Finding a workout that is fun, effective, convenient, and adjustable seems like wishful thinking. What may be perfect for athletes seems impossible for beginners, or may not be ideal for new moms, college students, etc... in a never-ending cycle of subjective lifestyle needs that most fitness trends barely cater to. Enter the Da Vinci BodyBoard.

As someone who works out religiously, I'd consider myself a fit-critic. I work out daily for hours. I didn't know what to expect when I was given the opportunity to test the Da Vinci Body Board, which claims to work out every part of the body using a wooden board and detachable resistance bands. 


I've done it all when it comes to fitness - a dabbler of exercise, a sweat seeker, a cardio and core connoisseur if you will. I was almost convinced that I wouldn't be impressed. I was immediately put in check on arrival, and my concrete conceptions on the time and way I workout were crushed along the way.

This impressive system created by Floery Mahoney is a true fitness gem. Floery is a busy mom, fitness instructor, and entrepreneur, so she gets it. She knows how limiting our schedules can be and how trying to squeeze in unlimited workouts just isn't feasible for most of it. This system, priced under $300 for a folding board and under $400 for non-folding, is something you can do everyday and takes up to 30 minutes at most!

See me below trying the board out? After 5 minutes, I already felt the effect I usually feel following much longer stints at the gym. This workout is designed to split the time and multiply the results. 

Floery notes, "I was frustrated with how working out as hard as I was -  running six miles a day, doing hour-long bootcamps, doing Pilates, and eating very little, I was still at my age 45, gaining weight. I decided to do research and realized that by combining muscles, and doing more short, intense workouts, I started losing weight. I actually lost eight pounds in a week, just by doing this for 20 minutes."

Elements of Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and more are all incorporated in the workout and the system is designed to work multiple muscle groups at once (take that muscle memory!). With the incorporation of resistance bands, ankle straps, and interchangeable accessories, something as routine as a roman twist becomes a leg, arm, back, core, and shoulder workout that cuts your time in half!

The system is low impact for individuals at every level of fitness and is ideal for moms before, during, and after pregnancy. It's a great start and/or challenge on your fitness journey!

Nat Bardonnet, Da Vinci BodyBoard Instructor, fitness lover, nutrition guru, and Celebrity Trainer to Halle Berry, Carrie Ann Inaba, and more, said about the system, "It's safe on the body, it's safe on the joints, very easy to use even if you are a beginner!"

See Bardonnet showing others how to have some workout fun with the board below:

If you're looking for an effective workout that will work with you to get your body to the next level of your fitness goals, give Da Vinci BodyBoard a try!

Photo Credit: Da Vincy Body Board

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