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Pinterest Wedding: From Inspiration To Replication

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Expensive-WeddingHow pinning inspiration can hurt your wedding budget.

Social media is great. Who doesn't spend time scanning their Pinterest page or thumbing through their Instagram account to find inspiration for the house, a new workout to try or a fun new meal to whip up? We have neatly compartmentalized our lives and upload what inspires us to be better to any number of social platforms.

About three years ago, when Pinterest was starting to catch on, those in the wedding world started noticing brides were e-mailing a link to their wedding pin boards. What at first seemed like a genius idea, quickly spiraled out of control.

While it provides a clear vision of what the bride wants for the wedding, it also sets up unrealistic expectations. After all, these are images of completed weddings, not a catalog. There are no price tags or costs on the pictures. The problem is, the images rarely feature run of the mill average-budget weddings. 

Are brides setting their wedding expectations so high through these virtual inspiration boards that their vision is practically unattainable? It all puts a lot of pressure on the wedding vendors to maintain the "look" while still trying to keep within the family's budget.

Has Pinterest Compromised Creativity?

We are inundated with inspiration. All of those Instagram feeds with gorgeous table settings and Pinterest boards filled with ideas can literally leave a bride feeling over-inspired. 

Has all of this beauty stifled our ability to create a vision for ourselves? Bridal magazines, wedding blogs and even Pinterest are meant to inspire. But we've become so reliant on instant gratification that it is easier just to recreate, rather than innovate. Florists, photographers, caterers, and event stylists are all artists. You are paying them the big bucks to let their artistry enhance your vision. Don't stifle their creativity by giving them too many photos. Chances are, you will get something better than you imagined if you let the photo be an inspiration instead of a template.

Can You Afford Your Dream Wedding?

Can you afford the inspired-bouquet of peonies mixed with roses, the $10,000 Monique Lhuillier dress, the mile-long banquet table dressed in sequins, each name beautifully handwritten, Chiavari chairs, filet mignon, Dom Perignon champagne, and a to die for signature cocktail? What about the perfect setting with tables out in the open air in the middle of a vineyard? Is it visually stunning? Yes! Have I set myself up for failure? Maybe, a little bit. Is there anything wrong with pinning these images? Absolutely not. Just know that the average budget wedding is usually just that; average. It may not make the rounds on Pinterest, and it may not get picked up by the hottest blog or magazine, but that is just fine. Remember, you are getting married, not getting published.

Social media can be a helpful tool in planning a wedding. Knowledge is key to being a smart consumer. Research design elements that you love and make sure they align with your budget. Challenge yourself to be original. Bring in elements that truly reflect you and your fiancé. People are at the wedding to celebrate you, not your Pinterest board.


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