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The results are in and you’re pregnant! Congratulations on a new adventure and the life journey that you are embarking on. Being pregnant comes with a lot of new experiences and responsibilities, and being prepared isn't always easy. 

With research showing “pregnancy brain” is a real condition, it doesn't hurt to have some help when it comes to making sure your pregnancy runs smoothly.

Here are four ways to simplify the complexity of those new mommy-to-be needs.

Take A Prenatal Vitamin

All pregnant women should take a prenatal vitamin as much as three months prior to 16292-pregnant-supplement-womanconception. The vitamins may help prevent any nutritional gaps and may reduce the risk of birth defects, low birth weight babies and preterm births. Plus, the vitamins help you keep up with your own health while expecting!

Avoid Certain Foods

During pregnancy it’s wise to avoid foods that might harbor bacteria or parasites. Avoid any dairy or juice that is unpasteurized, raw meats and seafood. Raw milk, cheeses, deli meats, hotdogs that have not been heated and smoked seafood are also on the "no" list. Be sure to speak to your doctor about what you are eating if you have food allergies. 

Exercise Daily

16292-baby-bumpThe National Institute of Health reports exercise is not only safe for pregnant women but helps strengthen muscles, improves circulation and decreases stress. Keep in mind that only 30 minutes of moderate exercise is needed and decreasing the intensity in the third trimester is recommended. Those that exercise throughout their pregnancies have higher birthweight babies than those that don’t exercise. Try walking 10 minutes before or after each meal or catch up with friends during a walk in the morning or evening. It is a great chance for everyone to see that baby bump grow!

Eat Nutritious Foods

Already feeling that pregnancy brain coming on? Just follow the 4-3-2-1 rule! Four fruits or vegetables during breakfast, 3 during lunch, 2 at dinner and at least one for a snack. Easy enough! Fruits and vegetables should be the base of your diet when you have a little one relying on what you eat.

Register Early

You'll never have everything you need, but creating a registry and updating it regularly as you prep for the new addition to your family can give a great head start (hint: ask the experienced moms in your life for advice on what to include!)


It’s an exciting time in your life when you are creating life within. With these four tips, you can be better prepared and enjoy each day of your pregnancy journey. It will be over before you know it... and then the real adventure begins!

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