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this-90s-soft-drink-might-be-making-a-comebackPhoto Credit: PepsiCo

In some throwback nostalgic news today, a popular '90s drink from PepsiCo might be making a comeback! 

Crystal Pepsi, named for its crystal-clear color, was available from 1992-1994 before disappearing from the market. While some in the past have made appeals to the soft drink retailer to bring the product back, none have gone to the lengths of YouTube star Kevin Strahle who has launched a campaign with his 1.2 million followers. 

It looks like PepsiCo has noticed! Strahle, who goes by the username LA Beast, posted a snapshot of a letter the corporation sent him hinting at some good news.


Will you be first in line to get Crystal Pepsi if it comes back to market?

In case you need a refresher on the drink, here is the original ad that came out in the '90s! 

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