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adult-preschoolPhoto Credit: Michelle Joni

Tell the truth, adults. You know you miss preschool with all the nap sessions, coloring and recess! With busy adult lives like having a full-time job, taking care of a home and raising a family, sometimes we wish for just one day we could go back to preschool. Well, now you can. 

Michelle Joni Lapidos is right there with us and has opened up a preschool for adults out of her home in Brooklyn, NY. She also has an assistant teacher Candice Kilpatrick help out with the preschool. The school offers playtime, snacks and naps. Yes! The one month class costs between $333-$999. 

She started Preschool Mastermind with the hopes of bringing joy and fun to adults, because let’s face it, we need it the most! The school’s website says, “In this one-month adventure, we’ll explore preschool concepts, like sharing and friendship, in order to apply and inject play, wonder, self-belief and community into our grown-up lives.” 

“One of the ideas behind the course was to bring preschool strategies to deal with adult real world problems and have people learn from each other,” Kilpatrick told USA Today. These two ladies really outdid themselves. Classes are once a week, and include fun activities like music time and class picture day. There’s homework assignments and even a field trip! 

Interested students should fill out (in crayon) the application found on the preschool's website here.

So if you’re ready to go back to preschool, gather your markers and Play-Doh and we will meet you there! We’re going to start off in the nap room first. 

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