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If you have a kid with food allergies or diabetes, you know firsthand that it can leave your child feeling excluded and isolated. Not only are they left out of bonding over that post-game cheese pizza or birthday cake with the other kids, but they also might struggle with talking about what they are experiencing.

That's where a very special furry friend, Jerry the Bear, comes in. This one-of-a-kind teddy bear, which was developed by Northwestern University in 2011, helps kids from an early age understand their health issues or dietary limitations and answers any questions they might have. Not only does the bear help them feel like they're not alone, but it also teaches them how to take care of themselves. Basically, it's a comprehensive learning tool in the body of a fuzzy, huggable teddy bear!


Photo Credit: Facebook

There are three types of Jerry the Bears availableone for kids with diabetes, one for kids who have food allergies and one that helps kids learn important facts about nutrition and taking care of their bodies. The bears provide information and also come with important toolsfor example, the Jerry the Bear for food allergies comes with an Epipen so your child will feel more comfortable having it on hand at all times. 

We're loving what this company has done so far, but we're also hoping for more Jerry Bears tailored specifically for kids with other kinds of health needs to hit the market soon. 

Learn more about Jerry the Bear here

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