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a-tarantula-in-my-houseAs many of you know, my new home is California. It seems funny for me, a girl who was such a homebody that she didn't even live away at school. Within one year I have lived on the East Coast, in Europe, and now on the West Coast. 

Initially I was excited to go. After the winter before last when I had nine feet of snow in my driveway, I had vowed that I wasn't going to shovel another driveway for the rest of my life. This was an opportunity to live in warm weather, become the work out queen that I had always dreamed of being, and appreciate life from a different prospective.

Last Monday, all three of things became apparent when I received a phone call from my son who had missed the bus. 

"Hi Mom uh, I missed the bus."

"What?! I told you if you missed the bus here you would have to be punished. I am 45 minutes away and how am I supposed to get you to school?"

"I don't know, but Mom, one more thing, there is a tarantula in our kitchen."

We all know how kids love to exaggerate right?

"Ok if there is really a tarantula, brush it into a shoe box and leave it on the neighbor's door stoop, ring the bell, and run like hell." 

"Ok Mom. I will see you soon."

When I got home, I pulled into the driveway to find a large black circle sitting in the middle of it. When I got to approach it, I could see the large legs and black fur. It WAS A TARANTULA- a real tarantula like on the Brady Bunch. 

Well, I got my workout alright. I ran screaming up and down the street thinking if my legs stopped I might pass out. I began ringing the neighbor's bells. They all came out to see my treasure. One of the gals put it in a plastic bag. 

The exterminator showed up about 30 minutes later thinking I was joking, until they saw the bag. They informed me that they had to bring it back to the office and test it to find out how poisonous it was. 

From that day on I vowed to listen to my son. I also was grateful that he inadvertently killed the spider and didn't proceed to leave it on my neighbor's doorstep. 

"You know Mom" he replied, "I try to do what I am told." 

"Really? Then what happened with the bus?" 

For more entertaining stories and life tips visit Wendy on www.lifewithwendy.com.

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