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a-trip-all-our-ownThe Start of Summer.

It seems as though Memorial Day weekend was the perfect chance for people to get their grills warmed up for the next three months of sun and happy times.

Summer festivities have always involved ice cream, grilling and never ending trips to the shore. But what happens when you find yourself, dare I say it, sick of the usual? Take a trip out of the country, of course! Since flying first class to places like France, or Istanbul is out of the question I opted for the next best thing, flying coach in a wndow seat to Toronto!

Crossing the Border 

Having been forunate enough to travel in and out of the country, I'm especially excited about this trip. My boyfriend Dom and I have been planning this trip for only a few monfhs, which meant saving our pennies, in record time! We set a goal to be able to spend a few days in Toronto to mainly get away from it all in a city we've never been to. Having both heard stories about how exciting Toronto is and how similar it is to New York City, we couldn't agree on a better place to visit. I couldn't have asked for a better person to explore a new country with. Dom is all I could ask for in a boyfriend, and his witt and adventuerous personality will make this trip even more special. 

Two twenty year olds with jobs and pennies in our bank accounts, we were skeptical about pulling this off. We decided to limit our trips to Dunkin Donuts (this was tough!) and our spending (no cute heels for me!) We kept the vision of boarding our flight as the motive to saving up. I'll be the first to admit that saving up was not easy, especially with having bills to pay. But, we did pull it off and within 4 months we saved up enough to buy our tickets! How incredibly rewarding!

Until then, we will be anxiously waiting to board the flight and finally venture off on our first vacation! I can't wait to share with you the experience and excitement that I will endure. 

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