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In 1996, people didn’t think the Internet was for women. Well, Womensforum was there to prove them wrong…

It was 1996 when co-founders Mark Kaufman and Jodi Luber envisioned that women would ultimately become the Web’s largest and most valuable audience. Keeping the female entrepreneur in mind, they set out to build a cooperating family of women’s websites and their owners who would bring together the collective energy, vision, and talent to compete with and beat, even the largest industry competitors.

For over 17 years Womensforum has brought to life online community and support for women. Forums, social media, message boards, and blogs weave together the fibers that we women survive on: community and support.

Today, Womensforum is led by the same co-founders and is a leading women’s lifestyle company, reaching over 40 million people each month (comScore).

In addition to providing women with topics that matter most to them, like parenting, food, health, home and living, beauty and style, entertainment, do-it-yourself, shopping, and seasonal and national topics, Womensforum provides a whole lot more – support, love, and trust; a platform to connect, engage, and discuss; and a community to gather advice, information and expand our minds.

Jodi Luber
Jodi Luber

I'm a working mom (is there any other kind?) of a little boy, Morgan, four years old, who is into everything, and I mean everything. If he's not climbing on furniture (or me), we're coloring, reading, playing w/stickers, or seeing just how many times his favorite fire truck can ride up and down Mommy's arm. So far, we're averaging about thirty :)

I'm also Co-founder & President of Womensforum.com and after 14 years, I can tell you that this incredible community of women's publishers and you, our viewers, has given so much meaning to my life.

I love to cook (especially w/ Morgan), curl up with a great book, and dream (often) about what it would be like to sleep in past six in the morning. Also on my recent dream jukebox, if you will, is the idea of living in France for a year, and cooking my way through the city and southern regions.