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academy-award-secretsGet the secret scoop about the Academy Awards before tuning in on Sunday!

One of the country's favorite awards ceremonies airs Sunday night, yet the several hundred million viewers tuning in from around the world rarely get the inside scoop on the Academy Awards. From advertisement prices to nominations and even ceremony snacks, these Oscar Awards secrets will take you behind-the-scenes of this magical night.

Get The Secret Scoop

Viewers are used to red carpet highlights, fashion and winning nominees, but they don't see what goes into creating this televised awards program. Get the inside scoop with these five Academy Award secrets.

  • 30-Second advertisements cost around $1.8 million: Since 40.3 million viewers are tuning in from the United States alone, advertisement spots on the hottest televised awards show become quite pricey. 
  • Attenders given snacks: For the movie-themed night, each person is given typical movie snacks during commercial breaks such as popcorn, candies and mints. Wolfgang Puck serves incredible foodie creations throughout the night as well. 
  • Announcers never know the winners: The cards with the claimed winners are impossible for announcers to see the results before walking on stage. Along with the cards being 1/8" thick and impossible to see through, four cards are made for each nominee backstage creating at total of 488 cards, making the announcers clueless to who the winner is when backstage.
  • Nominees must be rated as #1: Before the nominees are chosen, 10 candidates are chosen for each category. The nominees, however, do not become nominees unless someone from the academy votes rates them #1. Each nominee in every category was rated #1 by a voter beforehand.
  • Winners are rarely the highest grossed: Typically the nominees, and winners, for the "Best Picture" category are rarely the highest grossing movies. The only highest grossing movies to win in this category are Titanic, Forrest Gump and Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King.
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